Company History


  • The MVC201 supports the audio formats Atmos (Dolby) und Auro (Barco)
  • MikroM offers with the Full HD HFR Display Kolibri a completely new product range for R&D, Post Production and other Professional Applications


  • The MVC201 supports Dual-Projector Applications and High Frame Rate (HFR)
  • MikroM offers its own Screen Management System (SMS) Hermes, which can be directly integrated in the IMS


  • Several MikroM customers pass the CTP test with there own digital theater system using the MVC201


  • Serial production of MVC201 incl. full-featured Hardware Security Manager
  • Presentation of the world-wide first Integrated Media Server (IMS)


  • Development of 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) MVC201, the second generation of MikroM´s unique product line for Digital Cinema Applications


  • microStorage, ultra-compact H.264 datarecorder with Compact Flash Card
  • BackupMachine, to store uncompressed videodata of megacine recorder on field
  • Cunima, a high-end microcamera for high-quality videodata up to 2K


10 Years MikroM

  • Broadcast Server MVS212 for Contribution and Distribution
  • High-End Playout Server MVP200 for 2D and 3D from SD to 2K
  • MVP102, a slimline MPEG-2/H.264 Software Player for Digital Signage at 24/7
  • Mobile Field Recorder megacine ssd with Flash Memory


  • MVD700, the professional Integrated Receiver Decoder with 2 independent channels for Contribution
  • MPEG-2 HD Player MVP101, a compact HD Playout Server also for 3D Cinema
  • Mobile Field Recorder megacine for Film Set and Post
  • MVC200-PT, the new JPEG2000/MPEG-2 Decoding board for alternative content


  • JPEG2000 Decoding Board MVC200-DC for Digital Cinema and Postproduction
  • Bit Stream DeMux Software MVT100 for Demultiplexing, Filtering, Splicing and Multiplexing of MPEG-2 based Transport Stream data


  • Source Decoder System MVD600 for the H.264 broadcast market including handheld TV using ISDB-T (Japan) and DVB-H
  • Source Decoder System MVD500 for monitoring applications in the MPEG-2 Broadcast environment
  • MVP11x, the second generation of an HD Playout Server in 19'' housing for superior video shows in the presentation market and 3D experience in the E-Cinema


  • HD Streaming Server MVS100 for HD A/V- streaming and Video-On-Demand over IP network
  • Synchronization technologies NLS and DLS/DLS2 for frame up to pixel accurate synchronized playback of an user-defined number of MikroM’s HD Player
  • New member of the MPEG-2 HD Decoder PCI Card family MVC102 with DVI-I and analog audio out
  • Development Kit MVK100 for MikroM’s own MPEG-2 Decoder ASIC HiPEG+


  • MVP100, the first generation of an MPEG-2 HD Player for applications at trade shows, exhibitions and in theme parks
  • MPEG-2 HD Source Decoder System MVD400 for the contribution/distribution and Digital Cinema market
  • MPEG-2 HD Decoder PCI Cards MVC100 (DVI-I) and MVC101 (SDI/HD-SDI) for playback and streaming applications with standard PC systems


  • MPEG-2 HD Source Decoder System OMEGA for Digital Cinema applications (OEM partner: EVS Belgium)


  • MPEG-2 HD Decoder HiBOX3 for applications at the presentation market
  • Start of product development based on HiPEG+


  • Release of HiPEG+: One of the first MPEG-2 HDTV-Decoder ASIC worldwide HiPEG+ was giving the basis for subsequent product development


  • Start of ASIC development
  • MikroM was founded by a group of experienced managers and ASIC designers as a spin-off from the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut Berlin GmbH (today Fraunhofer Institut für Nachrichtentechnik Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)

Trade Shows & News

September 11 - 15, 2015
IBC 2015
RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam


MikroM offers 4K/2K IMB with HFR 3D support
MikroM offers DCI-compliant 4K/2K IMB with HFR 3D incl. Forensic Marking and MPEG-2 Interop support.



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